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Mexico Bariatric Center, is a Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico provider, offering aftercare support to our patients for life. Take a look at what makes Mexico Bariatric Center different than other centers.

Mexico Bariatric Center hosts monthly webinars and seminars to educate users on bariatric surgery and nutrition.

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MBC can be reached seven days a week. We are here to serve you. We operate a comprehensive Support Site and moderate our own Facebook Support Group.

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About Mexico Bariatric Center

Medical Tourism Association

Mexico Bariatric Center (MBC) is an industry leader in global medical tourism and weight loss surgery. MBC uses top hospitals and board-certified physicians (Read More). You can schedule your surgery in many locations in Mexico.

  • US Corporation
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Member
  • Medical Tourism Association Member
  • Over 97% of Patients Would Recommend to MBC to a Friend.
  • Learn What Makes Us The #1 Provider!

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Mexico Bariatric Surgery Success Story: Roise

Learn why many suffering from obesity choose Mexico Bariatric Center to undergo bariatric surgery with – even medical professionals like RNs and physicians. Mexico Bariatric Center has helped hundreds of patients achieve freedom from obesity. Obesity is a disease, conquer it today!

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  • Surgeon FeesSurgeon Fees
  • Hotel NightsHotel Nights
  • Hospital NightsHospital Nights
  • Aftercare / NutritionAftercare / Nutrition
  • Medication, Pre-Op FeesMedication, Pre-Op Fees
  • Hospital FeesHospital Fees
  • Nutritionist ProgramNutritionist Program
  • TransportationTransportation

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • $4,700


  • Surgeon Feesyes
  • Hotel Nights1 Pre-Op, 1 Post-Op2 Nights
  • Hospital Nights2 Nights
  • Aftercare / Nutritionyes
  • Medication, Pre-Op Feesyes
  • Hospital Feesyes
  • Nutritionist Programyes
  • Transportationyes

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • $6,300


  • Surgeon Feesyes
  • Hotel Nights1 Pre-Op, 1 Post-Op2 Nights
  • Hospital Nights3 Nights
  • Aftercare / Nutritionyes
  • Medication, Pre-Op Feesyes
  • Hospital Feesyes
  • Nutritionist Programyes
  • Transportationyes

  • Duodenal Switch

  • $7,200


  • Surgeon Feesyes
  • Hotel Nights1 Pre-Op, 1 Post-Op2 Nights
  • Hospital Nights3 Nights
  • Aftercare / Nutritionyes
  • Medication, Pre-Op Feesyes
  • Hospital Feesyes
  • Nutritionist Programyes
  • Transportationyes

  • Gastric Banding Surgery

  • $7,500


  • Surgeon Feesyes
  • Hotel Nights1 Pre-Op, 1 Post-Op2 Nights
  • Hospital Nights1 Nights
  • Aftercare / Nutritionyes
  • Medication, Pre-Op Feesyes
  • Hospital Feesyes
  • Nutritionist Programyes
  • Transportationyes

* Advertised price is good between June 1st through August 31st 2015. Prices start from shown and vary depending on BMI, date and surgeon.

Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico: Weight Loss Surgery Mexico

To achieve the highest patient care possible, we offer the best bariatric surgeons who have shown impeccable care and understanding and unparalleled medical expertise. Featured below, are a few of our bariatric specialists who are skilled in performing various laparoscopic bariatric procedures.

Ismael Cabrera Garcia, MD is an skilled surgeon specialized in metabolic and bariatric surgery. He has been performing laparoscopic bariatric surgeries since 2009. To date, Dr. Ismael Cabrera has performed over 2,500 bariatric surgeries.

– Performed over 2,500 weight loss procedures since 2009.
– Featured on CBC Radio.
– Training in Fresno, California for Heart Surgery

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela is a general surgeon practicing weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Valenzuela has studied under the world renown surgeon, Dr. Juan Corvala for two years. In that time, Dr. Valenzuela studied various bariatric surgeries and obesity surgeries.

– Performed over 2,500 bariatric surgeries since 2009.
– Trained under Dr. Juan Corvala, a top Mexican weight loss surgeon.
– Advanced gastric sleeve, gastric banding and obesity surgery training.
– Previous work as a emergency room surgeon.

Dr. Jaime Ponce de Leon is a bariatric surgeon who has considerable experience. Dr. Ponce Leon can perform all weight loss surgeries including gastric sleeve, duodenal switch and tough revision surgeries.

– Practicing Surgery For Over 20 Years.
– Practicing Bariatric Surgeries For Over 10 Years.
– Received Training in United States and France.

Mexico Weight Loss Surgery Options

Our all-inclusive weight loss surgery Mexico packages include long-term aftercare support for nutrition, exercise and meal plans. Each surgery comes in an affordable package for patients from the United States, Canada, Europe and the entire World. Learn about our various bariatric surgery options in Mexico for self-pay.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is quickly becoming a standard in bariatrics. Sleeve Gastrectomy in Mexico is extremely popular for patients and surgeons alike. With very little “ongoing maintenance” with the surgery and the lack diet restrictions, sleeve gastrectomy is the most popular option in Mexico.


  • Reduces the production of Ghrelin (the hunger hormone)
  • High Expected Weight Loss (60%-70% in About Two Years)
  • Low Rates of Side Effects, Complications
Gastric Bypass Surgery, otherwise known as roux-en-y gastric bypass. Gastric bypass is considered the “gold standard” in bariatrics, because it is one of the most well-understood weight loss surgeries today. In the United States gastric bypass is the most performed surgery, ahead of gastric banding.


  • “Gold Standard” in Bariatric Surgery
  • Highest Expectation of Excess Weight Loss
  • Most Researched Weight Loss Procedure
Gastric Banding, known commonly by the implant brand names Lap-Band System or REALIZE system, is a restrictive weight loss procedure popular in the United States. In Mexico however, most patients opt for a less involving surgery like gastric sleeve surgery. Gastric banding is one of the original weight loss procedures, but is being eclipsed by other surgeries.


  • Reversible Weight Loss Procedure
  • No Intestinal Changes or Malabsorption issues
A simplified version of the roux-en-y gastric bypass, the Mini-Gastric Bypass is a procedure that has garnered some interest by our bariatric surgeons in Mexico. Not a popular procedure, yet the mini-gastric bypass produces similar expected weight loss as the traditional gastric bypass.


  • Simplified Version of Gastric Bypass
  • Comparable Expected Weight Loss to Gastric Bypass
The Duodenal Switch, otherwise known as vertical sleeve with duodenal switch, is a bariatric surgery that uses both restrictive and malabsorptive techniques, similar to gastric bypass, to produce high expected weight loss.


  • Highest Expected Weight Loss of all Bariatric Surgeries
  • Reduction in the Hunger Hormone Ghrelin
Intra-Gastric Balloon procedure is a medical weight loss procedure designed for patients to last for six months. The gastric balloon is aimed at morbidly obese individuals to quickly reduce 20 to 30 pounds to prepare for either gastric bypass or duodenal switch.

Gastric Balloon is a restrictive procedure, relying on an adjustable balloon installed endoscopically through a patient’s esophagus. This procedure takes less than an hour, and is an outpatient procedure.

We are well-known for providing complicated bariatric surgery revisions. We are capable of the most common revision types including gastric banding to gastric sleeve, gastric bypass to duodenal switch, and others. Learn more or contact our staff to see if we can help.

Reasons to Undergo Revision Surgery:

  • Repair or Fix a Bariatric Surgery Complication
  • Revise to a Better Performing Weight Loss Procedure

Bariatric Surgery Centers Mexico

Mexico Bariatric Center strives on being an evidence-driven company, offering our patients the highest potential outcomes as possible. Being committed to research, we only choose hospitals who perform in high volume, and are dedicated to bariatrics. This has been shown to increase patient outcomes, while reducing surgical risks and complications. Read about the study >>>

Tijuana, Mexico
Mexico Bariatric Centers’ Tijuana Bariatric Center is one of the premier destinations for individuals undergoing weight loss surgery in Mexico, and for good reason. Tijuana is very close to the U.S. border, just minutes away from the San Diego International Airport. Moreover, Tijuana has offers quality healthcare with incredible bariatric and metabolic surgeons.

Overall, Tijuana is the prime location for undergoing weight-loss surgery in Mexico. Many of the top bariatric surgeons are there, including Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela and Dr. Ismael Cabrera.

Why Are So Many People Individuals Undergoing Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico?

What our patients have to say about us:

Both doctors Valenzuela and Cabrera were excellent! Personable, knowledgeable, professional, confident, patient. My experience from our driver, host, all arrangements, doctors, nurses, etc, far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.
Cindy, Gastric Sleeve
I want to thank Dr. Osuna and her Team, for their services and the care they had with me before, during and after the surgery. They performed me a Lap Band Surgery this spring, its been 4 months and I’ve lost 32 pounds and I haven’t had an adjustment yet.
Aileen Miller
Everyone at the hospitals has been great. The doctor came in to say hello to me, the nurses and anesthesiologist. Don’t hesitate, let your family scare you, don’t let your friends scare you. Don’t listen to them. Start a new life like I am. I can’t wait to show you the after pictures.
Private Patient
I’m 48 years old, and I want to tell everyone my trip to Guadalajara in hands of Dr. Osuna was Great, she is a wonderful person and has a great reputation as a Surgeon, they performed gastric sleeve and I’ve lost a lot of weight.

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