Obesity Help Conference: Garden Grove, CA – Sept. 30, Oct 1st

  • Start : 2016/09/30
  • End : 2016/10/01

Sep 30
Hyatt Regency Orange County, 11999 Harbor Boulevard, Garden Grove, California, United States, 92840


Tina Rambarran

Tina Rambarran weighed 502 pounds, her BMI was 79 and her doctor candidly told her that if she continued to gain weight at the pace she currently was, she may not live to see her 40th birthday. Tina opted to save her life by having bariatric surgery on May 10, 2010. With Roux-en-Y (RNY) as a tool, along with extreme dedication and hard work, Tina has lost 350 pounds!


Jessica Stockton

At 29 years old, with health problems arising and the threat of being put on blood pressure medication coming from her doctor, the choice seemed very clear. Within weeks, Jessica began taking the steps to start her WLS journey. She got referrals in place, went to orientation, lost the required 10% of her weight, met with a psychologist and had life changing laparoscopic RNY gastric bypass surgery on February 12, 2008. Eight years later, Jessica is down 115 pounds!

Lyss Remaly

After bariatric surgery, Lyss still needed a “click” moment to realize that bariatric surgery can only do so much to assist with weight loss and it was going to be up to HER to change her lifestyle to make the surgery as successful as possible. Through hard work, determination, endless hours of reading, buckets of sweat, tears and an undying will to live a healthy and fit life…this funny fat girl found her way into a fit life and a Natural Bodybuilding Championship trophy.

Lauren Sanchez

In a little over a year, Lauren lost over 150 lbs with the Lap-Band. She kept the weight off for three years and then slowly started gaining weight back. With the onset of weight gain, Lauren pulled away from her bariatric team. She gradually stopped going to support group meetings, shied away from seeing her bariatric surgeon and started allowing old habits to return. After an 80 pound gain, Lauren made herself stop and evaluate all aspects of her regain. It was at this point that Lauren recognized something was wrong, she needed help.

In 2014, Lauren took charge of her journey and made a follow-up appointment with her surgeon and discovered that there was something wrong! She had an irreversible dilation of the upper pouch of her stomach and required a revision. Lauren revised to Roux-en-Y and committed herself to a new path. This new road included a revision, but it also includes a commitment to follow-up appointments, counseling, attending local support groups and participating in online bariatric communities. Lauren has lost a total of 200 pounds and is determined to continue paving her path forward.

Stephanie Wagner MS, RDN, LD

Steph Wagner MS, RD, LD is a registered dietitian with over eight years of experience working for seven bariatric surgeons in three different bariatric clinics. She loves working with patients both in person and on her popular website www.foodcoach.me where she provides meal plans, videos, recipes, eating out guides and other resources specific to weight-loss surgery patients. Her most popular video series include Stress Eating, How to Control Post-Op Hunger and the Top 10 Reasons for Weight Re-Gain. Steph published her first bariatric cookbook “Best Fork Forward: Everyday Dinners After Weight-Loss Surgery” in 2015.


Shannon Burns

Shannon knows first-hand all about style ruts as she had her first major rut after the birth of her first child. She had gained 60 pounds, didn’t recognize her body and had no idea how to dress it! Even with a fashion degree under her belt, she felt helpless and depressed. Her struggle made her wonder how others that were going through similar body issues were feeling! This inspired Shannon to leave her retail management job and create a Boutique tailored to helping women just like her.

At Layered By CAKE, Shannon helps her clients re-find their self-confidence and self-worth. In addition to her boutique and personal stylist services, she also offers free styling advice because she believes that every woman should feel amazing every single day! Having effortless, chic style doesn’t have to be hard. It should be fun, empowering and make you feel like you can take on the world.

Learn more about Shannon at Layered by CAKE >

Q&A Panelist: Lori Newlon

Lori Newlon is a Registered Nurse and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner living in Sacramento, California. She battled her weight starting early in childhood, and like many, dieted her way to becoming a morbidly obese adult, eventually weighing 300 pounds. By her late twenties, she was experiencing adverse changes in her health related to obesity. In September of 2005, she made a life-changing decision to have bariatric surgery, undergoing the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure.

Lori was able to successfully lose 160 pounds but also developed many serious complications, some of which she still deals with to this day. After struggling through her own dramatic weight loss and the many directly related health complications that accompanied it, she developed a passion for nutrition and healthful cooking (including some tasty treats!) which she uses to help maintain a healthy weight and nutritionally sound lifestyle ten years after surgery.

Q&A Panelist: Nikki Massie

Nikki Massie is the author of Bariatric Foodie, a cooking blog and online community that encourages weight-loss surgery post-ops (and others looking to lead healthy lifestyles) to play with their food!

After having Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery in 2008, Nikki found adjustment to post-op life difficult. “In the beginning I was depressed because I thought I’d never eat the foods I love again.” Through her participation in Obesity Help’s forums, however, she learned she could have the tastes she desired if she was willing to be flexible about the ingredients and cooking methods she used. And Bariatric Foodie was born!

Q&A Panelist: Rain Hampton

Rain is a board credentialed Health and Wellness coach, certified bariatric support leader and motivational speaker. She considers herself a real food enthusiast and loves to share her knowledge. Rain began in bariatrics with surgeon Dr. Charles Callery at Pomerado Hospital and also as a bariatric coordinator at Fountain Valley Hospital.


Rain was featured as the cover story of OH magazine, winter 2012 issue. Rain has a passion for food and loves to share her enthusiasm in creative and educational ways. With her powerful dialogue on self-love and inspirational messages and food demonstrations, she empowers and educates with a sense of humor with current facts and information. She is a member of OH, OAC, WLSFA, CCE and ASMBS.

Carmina Cardenas, M.D.

Dr. Carmina Cardenas graduated from the School de Medicine at the University of Guadalajara and completed her residency and graduated with honors from the Mexican Institute of Social Security, at the Hospital of Specialties in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. She was honored to become the first woman to receive the title of Chief of Residents. (IMSS)

Not only is Dr. Cardenas a Plastic Surgeon that specializes in body conturing, she is also a weight loss surgery patient. She understands your dreams and needs as a post-bariatric patient through her own personal journey with Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery  (VSG) and Plastic Surgery. This first-hand experience makes Dr. Cardenas extremely passionate about working with weight loss surgery patients. She has built much of her plastic surgery practice around Body Contouring and After Weight Loss surgeries.

While bariatric or natural weight loss can improve and even resolve a patient’s medical problems, it often leaves patients unhappy with the new shape of their bodies after working so hard to lose their desired amount of weight. For the majority of weight surgery patients, plastic surgery is a life changing experience.  These procedures are dramatic, achieving a more youthful balanced and contoured body, improving self-esteem, creating a greater self-confidence in the new you. During your initial in-person consultation, Dr. Carmina will work with you to evaluate your specific needs and desires. No two patients are alike, and this crucial in-person meeting will help you understand your surgical procedure options and realistic expectations to attain your desired results.

Edward J Domanskis, MD

Dr. Edward Domanskis is a board-certified plastic surgeon in private practice in Newport Beach, CA. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of California in Irvine. He offers cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive procedures for the breast, body, face and skin. Dr. Domanskis has been recognized as a Physician of Excellence in Plastic Surgery from the Orange County Medical Association andOrange Coast Magazine. He has also been listed among America’s Top Plastic Surgeons and Best Doctors in America.

J. Timothy Katzen, MD

Dr. Katzen has made plastic surgery after massive weight loss a large focus of his practice. He has independently created novel and innovative reconstructive plastic surgery techniques that minimize scars and maximize skin and fat removal. Dr. Katzen has performed thousands of post weight loss procedures. Approximately 99% of Dr. Katzen’s weight loss patients have lost 100 pounds or more. He has even operated on several patients who weighed over 800 pounds before gastric bypass. Most of Dr. Katzen’s weight loss patients have had gastric bypass or lap banding; however, approximately 30% have lost significant weight through diet and exercise alone. Dr. Katzen has performed plastic surgery after massive weight loss on men and women, from ages 18 to 70.

Dr. Katzen is an internationally recognized leader in the field of reconstructive plastic surgery after weight loss.

Alejandro Quiroz, MD, FACS

Dr. Quiroz is a Board Certified, Bi-lingual, Bi-cultural International Surgeon, licensed in both the United States and Mexico. Dr. Quiroz received his medical degree in 1977 from the prestigious Universidad La Salle in Mexico City. Earlier he attended the National University of Mexico where he served as Student Body President and graduated with honors. After obtaining his medical degree, Dr. Quiroz completed a program for foreign medical graduates at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine.


Seminar Information

Obesity Help National Conference, Northern California

Event Details:

Hyatt Regency Orange County

11999 Harbor Boulevard
Garden Grove, California 92840 USA

Friday, September 30th and Saturday, October 1st



Rise ‘n Shine Fitness Activity with Lyss Remaly
Beginners Bootcamp
Location: Madrid Room – 2nd Floor
7:00AM – 8:00AM
Location: Royal Ballroom Pre-Function
9:00AM – 3:00PM
Clothing Exchange Drop Off & Set-Up
Location: Imperial Room
9:00AM – 5:00PM
Friday Opener, Mix N’ Mingle with Diana Vogel, MS, MFT Intern
Location: Royal Ballroom
10:00AM – 11:30AM
Take some time to explore and go have lunch with your friends before the sessions begin!
11:30AM – 12:55PM
Session 1A with Tina Rambarran
What I Gained By Losing 350 Pounds!
Location: Royal A
1:00PM – 1:50PM
Session 1B with Jessica Stockton
Support – Key to Your WLS Success
Location: Royal B
1:00PM – 1:50PM
Session 2A with Lyss Remaly
From Bariatrics to Bodybuilding, NOTHING is Impossible
Location: Royal A
2:00PM – 2:50PM
Session 2B with Lauren Sanchez
Revision is a Fork in the Road, Not a Dead End
Location: Royal B
2:00PM – 2:50PM
Session 3A with Shannon Burns
Tips & Tricks for Dressing Your Changing Body
Location: Royal A
3:00PM – 3:50PM
Session 3B with Lori Newlon, Nikki Massie, Rain Hampton
Q&A Panel – Healthy Eating After Weight Loss Surgery
Location: Royal B
3:00PM – 3:50PM
Session 4A with Stephanie Wagner
Am I Really Hungry? Eating with Awareness.
Location: Royal A
4:00PM – 4:50PM
Session 4B with Dr. Cardenas, Dr. Domanskis, Dr. Katzen, Dr. Quiroz
Q&A Panel – Uncovering You, Plastic Surgery After WLS
Location: Royal B
4:00PM – 4:50PM


Rise ‘n Shine Morning Fitness Activity with Natalie Kennedy
Gentle Yoga
Location: Madrid Room – 2nd Floor
7:00AM – 8:00AM
Exhibit Hall Open
Location: Royal Ballroom Pre-Function
8:00AM – 5:00PM
Welcome Ceremony
Location: Royal Ballroom
9:15AM – 9:45AM
Keynote Fireside Chat with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan
Last Chance to Live 
Location: Royal Ballroom
9:45AM – 10:45AM
Fireside Chat with Amber Rachdi & Melissa Morris
Last Chance to Live, Life After My 600 Pound Life 
Location: Royal Ballroom
10:45AM – 11:45AM
Announcement & Photos
Location: Royal Ballroom
11:45AM – 12:00PM
Sponsored by PatchMD
Take a break and have lunch with us!
12:00AM – 12:55PM
Session 1A with Dr. Jennifer Shapiro
Through Thick & Thin, Relationships After WLS
Location: Royal A
1:30PM – 2:20PM
Session 1B with Dr. Sameer Murali
Weight Regain: Mind and Body
Location: Royal B
1:30PM – 2:20PM
Session 2A with Jenny Arussi, MS, RD
Do I Really Need to Measure & Track Forever?
Location: Royal A
2:30PM – 3:20PM
Session 2B with Dr. Steven Reyes
Now You See Me, Now I Don’t!
Location: Royal B
2:30PM – 3:20PM
Session 3A with Benjamin Shadle, MD, FACS
Fact or Fiction, Dispelling Bariatric Myths
Location: Royal A
3:30PM – 4:20PM
Session 3B – Group Discussion, Facilitated by Lauren Sanchez
Celebrating You, Share Your Non-Scale Victories
Location: Royal B
3:30PM – 4:20PM
Session 4A with Elena Kibasova
Let’s Dance – Zumba Fitness Class
Location: Royal A
4:30PM – 5:20PM
Session 4B with Dr. Naik, Dr. Bailey, Misti Gueron, Sue Arevalo
Q&A Panel – Planning Ahead – Plateaus, Maintenance, and Regain Strategies
Location: Royal B
4:30PM – 5:20PM
Celebrating You, After PartyJoin us for a night of celebrating you….

  • Starting with a Red Carpet Entrance (7:30)
  • Fashion Show (8:30-9:30)
  • Hypnotwy’z Comedy Hypnosis Show (9:45-10:45)
  • Also giveaways, music and dancing!

Sponsored by Premier Protein, Location: Royal Ballroom


To submit a request for tickets, send us an email at submissions@sourcis.com