Webinar: Weight Loss Surgery 1Year & Beyond

  • Start : 2016/05/26 16:00
  • End : 2016/05/26 17:00

May 26
Online Webinar

Seminar Information

Weight Loss Surgery: 1 Year & Beyond:

Now that you ultimately realize that surgery was not a quick fix, this is the webinar for anyone who is at least one-year post surgery or beyond. Get your questions answered. Are you struggling to stay focused and get that last bit of weight off? Do you have questions about how to stop the cravings for sweets or curious what healthier options are available? Are you realizing you still have an appetite but not sure how to handle it? Or do you just need the support and extra encouragement? This is the webinar for you. If you have specific questions or concerns, please post below to be sure your questions will be addressed.